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Google’s android has set the mobile app development stage on fire, and has given out a tough competition to Apple’s iOS in mobile technology and building user friendly apps. While iOS claims there is an app for everything, android seems to be coming up with an app for everything. If one has noticed, there has been a trend of new android apps in the market that tech reviewers have been passionately reviewing.

We understand the growing need of Android developers. We offer a talent pool of dedicated android developers who have more than a year’s experience and expertise in this field, and have their innovation and creativity to offer to the final app development solutions. We leverage on the power offered by the android platform using our pool of dedicated resources.

Benefits of Dedicated Hire

Here is why a dedicated android developer is a good idea

Domain Knowledge and Expertise: When developing native android apps, it is very important that the resource being hired has domain knowledge and expertise. With the dedicated resource, you won’t need to worry on this, as the resources have been hired based on their knowledge, expertise and experience in the android development domain

Flexibility: With a dedicated resource, clients can get the resource to match their schedules. This simply means that the resource will help the clients and support them in any doubts at the time suitable to them

Single Point:With dedicated resources, one can see that there is a single point of coordination. This makes it easy for both the client and the company

Cost Effective Solutions: With the dedicated resources, we ensure an increase in productivity while the overall development cost is relatively less in this case.

Skill Sets Offered

Working Hours Offered

Our resources work for hours that are mostly client defined. It could be an hourly hiring or a full day hiring till the end of project. WE offer part time as well as full time employees for dedicated resources.

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